Our In School Sports Coaching is designed to meet the needs of the School Sports Premium and to work in line with your schools vision and policies. Each Scheme of Work meets the National Curriculum guidelines and can provide Progression Attainment at EYFS, KS1, KS2, SEN and G&T Identification. Our FCS Coaches can assist with PPA and Teaching Development, Contributions to the whole-school P.E curriculum and assessing and maintaining Progress Attainment and Reports.
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Pupils develop their skills and understanding from a specialist coach who plans and organise sessions which is required of the PE National Curriculum; Pupils increase their awareness of healthy activities and healthy lifestyles; Pupils gain confidence and increase self-esteem;

Pupils develop team-work and leadership skills.

Our Ethos

FCS main ethos is to promote Sports Coaching within the community by coaching in schools, clubs and leisure organisations. During all sessions we will provide a safe environment where all participates can enjoy themselves whilst learning skills, which are related to the activity. FCS strives to develop every individual in both sports and to develop skills and make the individual aware of their own limitations and potential. Wherever our venue FCS performs a Risk Assessment and carries Medical, Accident and Incident forms. FCS promotes learning to play sport in a safe and healthy environment where the enjoyment of the children is utmost. Therefore FCS will not tolerate misbehaving children or bullying of any sorts. If conduct is perceived to be disruptive the individual will be given a verbal warned. Further misbehaving will lead to the involvement of the Head Teacher and parents and exclusion of the individual from any future sessions. FCS have responsibilities to uphold the company’s equal opportunities policy by treating everybody with respect. Regardless of race, religion or any disability a high standard must be met at all times, which includes:

  • Treating everyone with respect
  • To give a prompt and efficient service to all
  • To always adopt a business like, helpful and courteous manner
  • To never show favour or disfavour to any individual or group of people in contravention of the laws of racial, sexual, or disability discrimination.